Bumthang Owl Trek

Bumthang Owl Trek: 3 Days

Trek Effort: Moderate – It is challenging in places & requires some level of good fitness.
Maximum Altitude: 4000 meters
Best Time to Visit: Between March-June or September- November.

Day 1: Menchungang to Dhur

Trekking starts at a place called Menchungang and passes by Dhur village located at 2900 meters above the sea level. Dhur village is popular for nomads known as “Brokpas” whose livelihood is sustained on dairy farming from Yaks. Trek will take uphill through the blue pine forests. Camp for the night will be at altitude of 3450m at Schonath. Because of the sounds of owls are heard at night so often, this trek called as the “Owl Trek.”

Day 2: Schonath to Kitiphu Ridge

Trek continues traversing through forests growing trees like spruce, hemlock, fir, birch and many species of rhododendron – providing you the experience of wilderness in Bhutan. Trek passes through Drange La Pass (at 3600 m) and concludes at Kitiphu ridge (at 3870 m) for the night camp. Going on top of ridge gives the views of the valley and snowcapped of Eastern Himalayan
mountains including Gangerpunsum (at 7541 m), which will appear standing right in the front.

Day 3: Kitiphu to Jakar valley (Bumthang)

Trek will descend down and take through the valleys and villages of monkhood who learn and live at historical Buddhist learning centers and monasteries. It will then continue over ridges to finally trek through old route, that at the end bringing spectacular views of Jakar Dzong and Bumthang valleys. (Bumthang is one of the most fascinating valleys in Bhutan encompassing major valleys with altitudes ranging from 2,600 to 4,000 meters. It is the religious heartland of Bhutan and home to many of the oldest and most sacred monasteries.)

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